Visiting the LBJ National Historic Park and Ranch

Visiting the LBJ National Historic Park and Ranch

Rolling hills, large oak trees, the golden grass blowing in the breeze; fall is visible everywhere in the hill country. If you are looking for a weekend getaway or a place to take the family to enjoy this fabulous fall weather, you might want to consider the LBJ Park and ranch. Visitors to the park and ranch can spend the day touring the President’s child hood home, one room school house, Texas’ White House, and the interactive ranch.

The LBJ National Historic Park and Ranch located in Johnson City and Stonewall spread hundreds of Texas’ hill country acreage. If you begin your tour in Johnson City, here you will find the President’s boy hood home, Texas’ White House, the one room school house, and the Johnson family cemetery. Just a short drive from Johnson City is Stonewall, TX where the LBJ Ranch is located. At the ranch, visitors will find a working farm with animals, longhorns, and ranch staff to treat you to a taste of living history. At the ranch, volunteers work the farm in period style clothing and show visitors how settlers to the area used to live, work the farm, cook, and eat. This is an interactive experience one will never forget.

Did you know that while LBJ was President, he spent very little time at the White House in Washington D.C.? While at the park, take time to tour the Texas White House. Visitors can tour and see the President’s office as how it appeared from 1963-1968, as well as the home’s living room, dining room, and as restoration continues other parts of the house. In addition, visit the site where the President and his wife would host dinners for 500 people and entertain world leaders.

During the year, the LBJ Park and Ranch host several events. In remembrance of the former President, on August 27th each year, a wreath laying ceremony takes place on the ranch in honor of LBJ’s birthday. In the summer, families can attend the Movies Under the Stars which takes place at LBJ’s child hood home in the backyard. In true Johnson fashion, visitors can attend the Barbecue on the Pedernales; the national park association and LBJ ranch have teamed together to recreate the historic barbecue that was once hosted by the President and Mrs. Johnson.

Whether you have half an hour or a whole day, visiting the LBJ Ranch and Park would be an unforgettable experience. Remember to pack a picnic lunch and find a shady tree where you can watch the Texas Longhorn cattle roam and enjoy the beautiful scenery which the hill country has to offer.