Undress Your Belly Fat – 5 Ways to Burn Fat and Calorie and Become Lean

Undress Your Belly Fat – 5 Ways to Burn Fat and Calorie and Become Lean

There are many things you can do to lose weight. Or should I say burn fat and calories, because you may not actually reduce the overall weight of your body as such but you will become very lean. If you perform the right exercises in combination with the right foods you will build muscle and lose fat, thus remain about the same weight.

But anyway – back to the 5 methods to become lean. You would need support, eat the right food, avoid the wrong food exercise and combine the whole lot. To me, support is a key factor here, do not do this on your own, get support from those who close to you. I had a massive car accident in 2001 where I sustained 14 fractures all over my body. It was just a month after I came to New Zealand and one day I woke up in hospital after 11 hours in surgery. They had to put me together. I did not know anybody, but I did get massive support from those who were near me. All the specialists told me I will 100{6146c35448480150dd9eae763dbc2b693fee29074db8ae2568ac3ba41be86da4} recover and get back to normal as long as I work at it. Then people from the local Jewish community came to visit. I am an Israeli, a Jewish Israeli and I had a most appreciated support from the local Dunedin Jewish community.

They all came to visit me in hospital offering help and mainly mental support. Mental support in anything you are trying to achieve is 80{6146c35448480150dd9eae763dbc2b693fee29074db8ae2568ac3ba41be86da4} of your success. It is so important you can not believe. So if you are trying to slim down, you are up against a hard road, let me tell you. It is not easy. GET SUPPORT.

Here is more about the 5 ways to slim down and shave off fat and calorie:

  1. Get support. Talk to family first about your new way in life. Then talk to friends about it. They will keep you accountable, Tell them what are your goals, how much you want to lose and in what length of time. Your friends and family will do anything to walk beside you on your new journey to a better, slim you.
  2. Eat the right food. Fruits and vegetables, with no limitation. Healthy fats from nuts, avocados, extra virgin olive oil and coconuts, grass fed meat, seeds like lentils, and the list is long.
  3. Avoid the wrong food. Chips, or any deep fried food, even if it was deep fried in good healthy oil, pizza, burgers, specially from uncle mac shops and the likes, bread in big quantities, and any other junky foods.
  4. Exercise. if you read my articles you got given tons of free exercises based on burst of exertion followed by a recovery period. They are the best to burn a lot of fat and calorie even when you sleeping.
  5. Combine the whole lot. Yes I know. Every time I give you 3 or 5 or 7 things to do to be healthy in anyway I always finish in: ‘combine them all’. Sorry guys, if you apply only one method you will not see results. You really need to be at it to see fast results.

Good luck, and never give up.