Things to See in Grenada – The Spice Isle

Things to See in Grenada – The Spice Isle

Grenada is one of the top destinations in the Caribbean for both visitors from North America and Europe. The relaxed but festive mood of the island is something that visitors can enjoy year around and will add to their enjoyment of the island. In addition to beautiful beaches, there are many sights to see and activities to do on the island, so for the tourist, it can be the ideal holiday spot.

Beautiful beaches

There are white sand and even black sand beaches in Grenada. Apart from the well known Grand Anse beach, there are other beautiful beaches that are there to be explored. Make a plan to visit beautiful David (pronounced ‘Darvi’) Beach to enjoy the coconut trees, white sand and gentle waves lapping at your feet.

Chocolate Factory

The Grenada Chocolate Factory uses locally grown cacao beans to produce their award winning chocolate. Not only does it taste good, it is packaged with a colourful label that makes it one of the best gifts that you can take back with you for your colleagues, friends and family.

Nutmeg Factories

In addition to the chocolate factories, there is the nutmeg. As one of the world’s biggest exporters of nutmeg, Grenada processes tonnes of it a year. It is possible to see how it is processed in addition to cacao / cocoa. The guided tours will entertain, fascinate and inform you.

Nature Reserves

The reserves were originally created to protect the rainforests around Grand Etang. Now they have spread out and encompass the water in addition to land. The coral reefs are protected too. Make sure that you visit Levera Park so that you can see the turtles laying egg from April to June.


Not only are their turtles in Grenada, there are 9 varieties of hummingbirds, boobies and even monkeys to see. Hiking is a popular activity. You can take on something as strenuous as walking the Grand Etang park or you could just walk to the Concord waterfalls – which can still take a couple of hours. There are views along the way so be sure to take your camera with you.


Diving and snorkeling are a popular pastime in Grenada, there are so many fish to see. There is the world’s first underwater sculpture garden to explore, where you can rub shoulders with angelfish, guinnards and brain coral.

Caribbean Carnival

this lively celebration is held every year. Dancing in the streets in colourful costumes, good food and great rum is available as the bands and participants pass you by. Enjoy Grenada’s culture and mix with the locals.

Sandy Island

Just off the north coast of Grenada, it’s possible to ride across the channel to visit the peaceful Sandy Island. You can stay for the day and sunbath, or just for a lunchtime picnic. The beach is beautiful and there is a pretty view of Grenada in addition to great snorkeling.

Carib’s Leap

Visit the site where the last of Grenada’s Carib Indians leapt to their death to escape the rule of the French. Located close to the village of Sauteurs, this spot is one of the historical sights of Grenada. The northern part of the island is pretty and unspoilt and should play a part in the itinerary of any tourist to Grenada.