The Commie Chronicles – Episode 3

The Commie Chronicles – Episode 3

As a little refresher, when we use the word Communist that includes some of the names they use in disguise. Words like Socialist, Democratic Socialist, Leftists, Marxists, Progressives, or whatever they come up with next. A communist is a communist. Learn from history or die from it. The choice is yours.

In our last episode, we discussed how control of the media is one of the pillars of a communist coup. Through the media, they control the narrative and brainwash the people. In this episode, we’ll look at another principle… the purge. The purge, as it always is, is not just people. It means to purge people, history, and symbols of the old government and way of life.

Back in the day, Russia was ruled by a Tsar. The people weren’t happy, much due to outside influence leading the Tsar to step down. Working behind the scenes were Russian dissident Vladimir Lenin in Switzerland and Russian Politician Leon Trotsky in America. When the Tsar stepped down, Alexander Kerensky was installed as a placeholder President until a revolution could be arranged.

The Bolshevik Revolution came under the leadership of Lenin with help from Trotsky. Shortly after the people revolt’ Kerensky was history. Lenin took over with brute force, and the purge began. After Kerensky, Trotsky was forced to leave or die. He was exiled to Mexico, where a few short years later, an assassin hired by Lenin shot him to death. Thus the communist USSR was born. Fast forward to today.

The Soviets always had their sites on world domination, and as communists, they are in it for the long haul. They heavily penetrated the FDR administration in the ’30s and ’40s and went underground in the 50’s thanks to Senator McCarthy. The ’60s and the Vietnam War brought them to the forefront of the anti-war movement. They gained strength under President Carter, which led to the election of Ronald Reagan, who subsequently bankrupted the old USSR leading American’s to think communism was dead.

But thanks to Watergate star President Richard Nixon and leading globalist Henry Kissinger’s actions, we opened the flood gates to China, a two-bit third-world country at the time. Thanks to the assumably well-intentioned diplomacy and the bungling leadership that followed, China, highly communist China, went from the cute little chimpanzee chirping in the corner to the gigantic orangutan dominating the world stage today.

The world communist crown was ripped from Russia’s hands by China thanks to President Bush’s leadership (the Older), Clinton, Bush (the Younger), and Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama. That crew gave away jobs, technology, and secrets to the communist Chinese. Just as the American people spoke out for Ronald Reagan after years of Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Carter, they did it again and surprised the world by electing Donald J. Trump. And the communist victory planned with Hillary Clinton’s election was ripped from their grasp, stunning the world.

With that backdrop, think about what happened since the election of Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama. The purge began during his years in the White House. He started his Presidency by going on a world apology tour. Purge the idea that America as a nation is exceptional. Purge the idea that America is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles. Destroy the idea that slavery is behind us and foment racial strife. All facts and all very predictable Marxist/Communist actions.

Before Trump’s actual election, the commies were concerned the American people wouldn’t buy Hillary Clinton. The triumvirate of Brennan, Mueller, and Comey created the myth of Russian collusion. We now know it was all a fraud perpetrated by our government’s highest levels up to and including President Soertero. Thus began the biggest assault on a sitting President in the history of our great nation. It was a seditious and relentless pursuit to ‘purge’ the man who stood in the way of the takeover. No President was ever vetted as broadly and deeply as President Trump, a man who worked for free, built the most robust economy ever, with the lowest black and Hispanic unemployment, and persuaded four Arab nations to establish relations with Israel. Not bad for a one-term President.

The man who would not bend or fall drove them mad. As a result, America just endured a coup, a third-world communist coup, just like Lenin pulled off with the Bolsheviks. Our new President, Joe Biden, is no President at all. He is a placeholder, as was Alexander Kerensky. Waiting in the wings is Kamala Harris, the ‘chosen’ one. Think about it. Of all the Democrats running for President in 2016, the Village People of candidates, she was polling last less than 1{6146c35448480150dd9eae763dbc2b693fee29074db8ae2568ac3ba41be86da4} in her own party. The Bolsheviks, today’s Democrats, selected their last polling candidate to be President because she can be controlled.

Immediately following the coup, Congress’ certified’ the most massive voter fraud in American history. What did the Dem’s do immediately? They started the show trials just like Joseph Stalin did to purge the opposition. The second impeachment attempt of a man not even in office was blatant. It was the pure political theater, a textbook false flag operation sold as an ‘insurrection.’ The theater continued with the inauguration that would have been empty were it not for the National Guard being called into quelch the non-existent Trump riots.

Credit where credit is due, the communists amongst us have executed their plans well since their 2016 surprise. Out and out murder, think Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Mihn, and the North Korean Kim twins, is out of vogue these days. The preferred ‘purge’ today is to be ‘suicided.’ But no one would buy a Trump suicide. The modern version of purging is to destroy a person publicly along with anyone who supports them. That’s been their quest for four years.

And they don’t just want Trump; they want every semblance of normal American society. They want our police, our Border Patrol, our statutes, our language such as we no longer breastfeed we chest feed. And they want every Trump supporter identified and neutralized. Think otherwise, and you are a fool. It’s all part of the modus operandi of communism.

In the next episode, we’ll look more specifically at examples of the purge taking place around us.

Until next time… save your brain and watch for the purges taking place.