The Astrology of “The Day the Music Died”

The Astrology of “The Day the Music Died”

On the early morning of 3 February 1959, The usa woke up to the dreadful information that 3 of its most beloved performers, Buddy Holly, J.P. “The Massive Bopper” Richardson and Ritchie Valens, together with the pilot, Roger Peterson, had perished in a aircraft crash.

Two of these musicians, J. P. “The Large Bopper” Richardson and Ritchie Valens “received” their seats and ended up never ever meant to be on that plane. The musicians who gave up their seats, Tommy Allsup and Waylon Jennings (Buddy Holly’s “Crickets”), experienced quite blessed escapes. With Venus opposite Pluto in the chart of the crash, the victims of the crash notably still left behind loved kinds: Peterson was freshly married, Valens, the youngest victim, had a sweetheart named Donna and The Significant Bopper left guiding his pregnant spouse and younger boy or girl. Holly also still left at the rear of a pregnant wife who subsequently miscarried owing to the shock of listening to of his dying by way of a radio announcement. And however, out of this awful tragedy, a young newspaper supply boy, Don McLean, would immortalize “The Day the Audio Died” in his vintage tune, “American Pie.”

As we all know “destiny” played a cruel hand that night: the professions of three beloved musicians and a pilot arrived to a tragic close. Was it all meant to be? We are all still left throwing our fingers up and inquiring “what if?” You might feel “if only the pilot was much more expert” or “if only it wasn’t snowing that night” or “if only the coin landed tails-side up” then we’d nonetheless have Buddy Holly, The Major Bopper and Ritchie Valens all-around. The problem with fate is that making an attempt to understand how it will work is like trying to catch a small fish with your bare fingers. You stalk it for hrs, think you catch it unawares and then just as you go for the kill, it swims absent so rapidly that you are still left in no question that it understood you ended up there all together. Astrology delivers a a great deal greater alternative.

What can you say when the plane crash has Mars conjunct the malevolent 3rd eye of Medusa’s severed head? It truly is reasonable to say that this conjunction transpires every couple of yrs but this party, this plane crash that has embedded alone deeply into the American psyche, is not just any random party. Add to it that the coroner had stated that the trigger of all 4 fatalities was “gross trauma to the mind” and you will find a story. With his Sunshine at 1 diploma Sagittarius, Allsup experienced a near-but-no-cigar opposition. Jennings also experienced a in close proximity to opposition with his Mercury at 2 levels Sagittarius. One of the singers who would replace the ones killed in the crash, Bobby Vee, also had a around skip with his Mercury at levels Gemini. Having said that, Valens had Uranus conjunct Algol within just a single degree and the pilot, Roger Peterson, experienced Mars in opposition which deepens the importance. Neither Holly nor The Significant Bopper had Algol contacts but most likely just currently being in the aircraft flown by Peterson and in attendance with Valens were plenty of! DiMucci had no Algol contacts but his job in the tragedy is relatively unclear.

When “American Pie” was recorded byMcLeanon 26 May perhaps 1971, Saturn was also conjunct the Mars/Algol of the airplane crash, perhaps signifying the lasting memory of the tragedy as a result of the tune.
Even though it is disputed, Dion DiMucci insists he was made available a seat on that airplane. His variation of the celebration is that Holly booked airplane tickets for the headliners of the tour. Or, in other text, for himself and Buddy.
Having said that, when he uncovered out the plane tickets price tag $36, DiMucci turned down the provide because he experienced developed up listening to his parents squabbling around their lease which came to particularly $36-he felt it was an indulgence he could not afford. Natally, DiMucci had Moon conjunct Saturn so issues of prosperity (or absence of it) might very well have saved his everyday living. The Massive Bopper had “gained” DiMucci’s seat in a coin toss.

In the times top up to the airplane crash, the musicians experienced been traveling on a “Winter season Dance Party” tour which had started on 23 January and was scheduled to conclude on 15 February 1959. The plan was that the assembled musicians would participate in a concert each individual night time in a distinctive town. Even though it could audio interesting on paper, the musicians rapidly comprehended the realities encompassing these a tour ended up really distinctive: The tour was grueling. For starters, they would travel in between venues on an aged bus that criss-crossed the mid-West in a absolutely haphazard trend. It was only immediately after the tour was booked that the musicians realized that the sheer distance concerning venues intended they would be paying a large amount of time on that bus. With the temperature reaching -32 levels centigrade, the musicians also understood that their bus was pretty unwell-outfitted for its objective-it experienced damaged down a number of times leaving them with almost nothing to do in the middle of nowhere, normally in the center of the night, in deep snow. Then the bus heater fully broke down. It was so chilly on that bus that by the second 7 days of the tour, Carl Bunch, the drummer of the tour, experienced to be hospitalized for significant frost chunk to his ft. (In his absence, Holly, Valens and DiMucci took turns drumming.) Numerous of the tour customers had also designed raging colds, which includes The Significant Bopper and Valens. Who can blame any one who is unwell for investing their freezing seats on a dilapidated bus for a 380 mile (610 km) journey for a substantially shorter journey on a warm airplane with the extra reward of a evening in a lodge?

With several accounts and the included problem of record participating in methods on the human mind, it is tough to ascertain who flipped cash. Owning seemed at all the conflicting version of activities, the writer is heading on the idea that there ended up two coin tosses: one involving The Large Bopper and Waylon Jennings and the other involving Tommy Allsup and Ritchie Valens.

With his descendant in Pisces, Jennings may possibly have been a gentle contact for the struggling. With or without the need of a coin toss, he took pity on The Major Bopper and dropped his seat on the aircraft. The Massive Bopper, with his Moon/Venus conjunction trine Mars and his Jupiter-Pluto conjunction as the apex of a T-Square involving his Sun and Uranus was a major individuality. We could even surmise that he tended to act compulsively and favored to acquire dangers.

Interestingly, the MC of the aircraft crash opposes The Big Bopper’s MC, some how linking the “life way” of the two events. It doesn’t mean considerably till a single considers that The Big Bopper’s unborn son grew up to be a gentleman who turned curious about rumours bordering his father’s dying. The Big Bopper’s overall body experienced been recovered some length absent from the crash internet site. As Holly’s gun experienced also been found in close proximity to the crash site, could it be attainable The Massive Bopper was shot first and then staggered out of the crash only to freeze to demise in the snow?

To solution the problem, The Big Bopper’s overall body was exhumed in 2007 just as a Neptune-Mercury conjunction passed around the Chiron of the crash chart and The Significant Bopper’s MC and transit Chiron was also passing more than the Sunshine of the crash chart. It was a time for the “ultimate” problem to be answered: was this a mundane aircraft crash or a murder mystery rather? The very little Large Bopper was upset to study his father died of accidents regular with a substantial velocity plane crash. Even so, there cannot be way too numerous persons who meet their fathers for the 1st time practically fifty a long time after they have died.

Holly had been aggravated that Jennings had provided up his seat on the plane immediately after he went via so a great deal difficulties to guide it. A toss-absent comment by Jennings to Holly was the past they reported to every other.

“Well, I hope your previous bus freezes up,” Holly explained to Jennings.

“I hope your outdated plane crashes,” he retorted.

On the night of the crash, Jennings’ Mercury had been opposed to transit Jupiter. He never ever forgave himself for his flippant and irresponsible remark.

By contrast, Valens was terrified of flying. On 31 January 1957, even though Valens attended his grandfather’s funeral, two jet planes collided over his faculty, killing 3 of his classmates and injuring more than seventy.

That fateful evening on 2 February 1959, at the encouragement of his administration (who feared Valens would be far too unwell to perform if he endured yet another night on the bus), he reluctantly asked Allsup if he would flip a coin. Allsup’s Chiron was conjunct Valens’ Saturn. Even though he far too had a slim escape, like Jennings, Allsup could by no means get above winning the coin toss.

Unfortunately for Roger Peterson, his job as the pilot of the aircraft that killed The Music usually means that his destiny is enfolded with the destiny of the Usa. An investigation unveiled that the plane crashed owing to pilot error. However, at 21 years of age, Peterson was inexperienced and not certified to fly a aircraft by instrument on your own. He was also known to worry when his visible perceptions have been disturbed, creating him an extremely poor choice for traveling in a blizzard. In addition to aforementioned Algol contacts, his Jupiter was conjunct the Pluto of the Sibley chart.

Of course we are not able to blame Don McLean for the tragedy itself but we can blame him for immortalizing it by way of a track. McLeanwas a 14 year aged newspaper supply boy who experienced the doubtful activity of delivering the news of the plane crash. The MC of the plane crash is conjunct McLean’s Moon with Chiron in opposition. “American Pie” was recorded on 26 May well 1971 with Uranus transiting McLean’s Sunshine and Chiron conjunction. So right here we have a younger gentleman re-residing a childhood tragedy via track. It really is a catchy minimal quantity heralded as an American typical, no question aided by McLean’s Mars staying highlighted by the Sun of the Sibley chart.

McLean’s Sun is opposed the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of the song’s recording. “American Pie” is loaded with cryptic cultural references which have been a resource of conjecture ever since the song was launched.

“But what do the lyrics necessarily mean?” McLeanwas requested.

“It suggests I by no means have to perform all over again,” McLean answered.

Despite the fact that he has often been evasive of the meaning of the lyrics, he did verify he exorcised his very long managing grief over the demise of his idol Buddy Holly during commemorations of the fiftieth anniversary of the accident which happened as Neptune and Chiron opposed his natal Moon. So who would dare tamper with a man’s masterpiece that so encapsulates the grief of the nation?

We can not blame Madonna for the tragedy of the aircraft crash-but with the manner in which she was vilified by the public for tampering with a vintage, one particular could be forgiven for pondering so. While some people blame her for the ensuing tragedy of her deal with model of “American Pie,” the address variation was introduced just shorter of the original’s Saturn return.

Madonna’s edition was notably shorter than McLean’s as shown by the Saturn of the next recording conjunct the Mercury of the 1st. Her rendition was dismissed as “sub-karaoke fluff” by critics who additional they were being grateful she did not bother recording the total issue.

Even worse than the track (in accordance to critics) was the subsequent online video which highlighted a assorted array of People, such as a lesbian pair kissing. “My God, what is this girl accomplishing to our tune?” was the collective cry as transit Mars passed over the Chiron of the initial music. It was a little bit much too a lot for anybody who wasn’t knowledgeable that Venus was conjunct Uranus on the working day the music was released which in transform was conjunct the North Node of the original. Even so, McLean identified as Madonna’s edition “a gift from a goddess”. With their Sunlight and Moon in conjunction, probably they have been enthralled with every other. Or it could be that Madonna’s ascendant conjunct his Venus designed him specifically delighted.

By star indication, Buddy Holly was a Virgo, a indicator acknowledged for its like of cleanliness. On the previous working day of his daily life, he was upset since the launderette in Clear Lake Iowa was shut and he had no remaining clean socks. If he hadn’t been bothered by his soiled apparel, there in no way would have been a airplane crash and we may perhaps nonetheless have a geriatric trio burning up the airwaves. Or, perhaps not. Perhaps their legacy was enhanced by their tragic ends. Holly also experienced his Sunshine conjunct Neptune so possibly his dying was a important sacrifice in the entire world of rock-n-roll.
Both way, a single are unable to enable but speculate what may possibly have been if Buddy Holly had just acknowledged that he experienced to put on soiled socks.