Seychelles Vacation – The Best Time For Your Travel to Seychelles

Seychelles Vacation – The Best Time For Your Travel to Seychelles

When is the best time for a holiday in Seychelles? This is a question I get asked very often. And the answer really is an issue that has nothing to do with Seychelles at all. First, I must say, for a vacation in Seychelles there is no “best time” of year. It is pleasant 365 days in these islands. So…

Right now with prices being low, not cheap but definitely more affordable if you’re on a budget, now is a very good time for that Seychelles holiday. But before you rush off to buy a ticket to Seychelles today I would suggest you plan well and you keep yourself informed of special offers, especially during the off-season.

Why the off-season? It is because that might be the very best time for your own holiday depending on your situation. Knowing all that will ensure the very best holiday in Seychelles for you. You see…

The peak season in Seychelles is December. This is the time visitors from Europe are fleeing their cold winters. But I believe for those people this is the absolute worst time to visit Seychelles. And the reason, which has nothing to do with Seychelles per se, is this…

It is about the subject of acclimatization. As there is no winter and no summer as such in Seychelles the best time for you really depends on where you live – if you’re from the northern or southern hemisphere, I say. I’m assuming you’re not from the tropics. If you are then you are among the very lucky ones who can enjoy Seychelles 365 days.

Most people don’t think about that as they plan their exotic vacations in the tropics, but it is most important for your enjoyment. If you’re from the far North I say come to Seychelles in May to September; if you’re from the far South then October to April.

You see, it takes some time for your body to acclimatize, so you don’t want to travel to the tropics – yes anywhere in the tropics – in the middle of your own winter. “Ah!” You say. Absolutely!

I hear people say December is hot in Seychelles, but that’s not true. Yes those people certainly feel hot because they have not acclimatized. That is all. Do you think of 29°C (84°F) as hot? Certainly not!

Those people are from the far northern latitudes and they arrive in the middle of their own winter. So instead of enjoying the incredibly nice warm weather of Seychelles, they are dying to get back home to the snow and the cold. I don’t blame them. So next time before you travel, think about this subject and plan your holiday in the tropics accordingly.

There is nothing wrong with the climate in Seychelles in December or in June (in fact it’s very good any time). It’s only that your own body needs time to adjust, and you may not appreciate the superb weather at your destination as much as you would have, had you planned your holiday with the acclimatization issue in mind.

Seychelles has a moderately warm climate averaging 27 to 29°C year round. The temperature is almost constant 365 days – never hot, just nice and warm. There is no winter here, and no summer and no hurricanes either – not like the Caribbean. But if you arrive here from your cold winter you may think and even feel it very hot…

How do I know this? Yes I made that very same blunder myself several years ago when I traveled back to Seychelles after a 3-year stint in college in Europe, I made the mistake of staying on there until beginning of February in the middle of a cold winter before making my way back to Seychelles.

Boy, did I feel the heat! You better believe it. Of course after a week all’s well but have you got a week to spare before you get on with your vacation? Perhaps you will acclimatize faster but you’ve been warned, I’ve been there and done that.

The fact is these islands are never hot. If you travel to Seychelles in your own summer you’ll find it warm and less harsh than yours. If you compare Seychelles in June to Southern Europe in summer, or Seychelles in December to Australia and Argentina at that time in their own summer, these islands come out on top all the time.