San Francisco Dance Classes for Kids

San Francisco Dance Classes for Kids

Dance is a great way to introduce your child to new friends and new types of music, and it’s a great form of exercise. Luckily, there are plenty of San Francisco dance classes for families to choose from. Your little one can try everything from traditional ballet to tap dancing to ethnic dancing of many different sorts. There are literally hundreds of dance class options in the San Francisco area, but here are just a few that your family might want to check out:

Classes for All Ages at Star Dance Studio

Star Dance Studio, located at 9th Avenue and Moraga Street, has been a locally owned San Francisco business for over forty years. The studio has seen three generations of family members as dance teachers for classes of all ages.

At Star Dance Studio, kids can begin dancing as young as age three, in the Twinkles introductory dance and tumbling class. It’s a great way to help kids learn the basics of dancing and to work out some energy every week. By the time students are around age eight or nine, they can begin to specialize in their favorite forms of dance. Star Dance Studio offers classical ballet, tap, jazz dance, modern dance, salsa, and lyrical ballet classes.

Carol Wei Ballet School Specializes in Kids Classes

If you’re looking for a dance studio that specializes in classes just for children, check out the Carol Wei Ballet School. Although Ms. Wei offers classes for adults at all levels of ballet performance, her main focus is on little ballerinas.

Children can start taking classes at this studio as young as age two, so you can get your little toddler dancing early. From there on, students progress through classes depending on their level. One of the great parts about this dance school is that your child can enjoy a free introductory lesson. This is excellent if you just want to give ballet a try to see if your little one will enjoy it.

Lots of Options at Dance Mission Theater

Dance Mission Theater, located on the corner of 24th and Mission, is home to more than fifty dance class options for children and adults. If you want your child to be able to experience dance in many different forms, this is the place to be! At this studio, you can enroll your child in everything from salsa to hip hop to flamenco.

One great option for small kids is Family Dance. In this class, the focus is just on building the basics of dance skills. Students learn how to warm up, do essential dance movements, and listen to the teacher’s directions. This is just like the Creative Movement class for beginning dancers, but in Family Dance, the parents get to participate. Also, the teacher will send exercises home with families so they can practice their dance moves throughout the week.

Another excellent program available through Dance Mission Theater is Grrrl Brigade. Girls ages nine to eighteen can enroll in this special program meant to build confidence, leadership skills, and, of course, dance skills. Students in this class participate in all sorts of dance, and they perform around the Bay Area. Since the Grrrl Brigade is funded in part by the San Francisco Foundation, DCYF, and Team Up for Youth, some partial and full scholarships are available to certain participants.