Packers 2010 Schedule and Ticket Outlook

Packers 2010 Schedule and Ticket Outlook

From three prime time games on Sunday night to a showdown with the Bears on Monday night football, the 2010 Packers schedule packs an interesting punch.

After returning to the playoffs last year and getting some key players back from injury, there’s a strong feeling the Pack could be in for a memorable season.

Ticket prices are up a little this year at Lambeau field, but the four-game pre-season and 16-game regular season offers plenty of chances to catch Green Bay in action either home or away. Some games will offer easier access to tickets than others. Whether you’ve never been to a game at Lambeau Field or make a sport out of scoring bargain tickets to just about every contest, it pays to have a sense of how the schedule will play out.

The pre-season opens, as usual, with the Midwest Shrine Game on August 14. The Cleveland Browns come to town, offering fans their first look at some of the guys looking to make the roster. It’s a chance to say ‘welcome back’ to the Pack, enjoy a nice evening and get a glimpse at the rookies. No pre-season game is a ‘must’ but many people like to get to that first game on the 2010 schedule. You’ll face a little competition for tickets, but it shouldn’t be hard to score some relatively cheap seats.

Aftger a trip to Seattle, it’s back home to face the Indianapolis Colts in what will be the last really meaningful pre-season game (if there is such a thing). The starters will likely play at least a half and that goes for the Colts, too. Hopefully Peyton Manning will be healthy. He’s a draw and that could push prices up a bit. The Pack finishes the pre-season at Kansas City–and if you’re in the area, that will likely be the cheapest ticket you’ll see all year. KC isn’t good and the final pre-season game doesn’t offer a lot of excitement.

The regular season opener is Sunday, September 12 at Philadelphia. First game tickets are tough and fans love their Eagles. It’s a new-look team, too, so if you’re looking to see this one in person, you’ll face not only a hostile home crowd but also a lot of other interested buyers from that area.

The Packers face Buffalo on September 19 at noon in the home opener…always a tough ticket. You can take a shot at the Packer-Bear game in Chicago on what should be a nice Monday night in late September, but don’t forget your hard hat. The Lions come to town the following week in what could be a ‘trap game’. Coming off a Monday night in Chicago, the Pack could find themselves in trouble. This might be your first chance, too, to score some relatively inexpensive tickets since the Lions aren’t a huge draw.

The Pack then goes to Washington where the Skins have a new coach and a new QB in Donovan McNabb. Seats at Redskin games are the priciest in the NFL. The Miami Dolphins have a strong following across the country and rarely come to Green Bay. Expect a lot of Florida Dolphin fans to make the trip for a Sunday afternoon matchup at Lambeau. After that, it’s the first of two with Brett Favre and the Vikings. Last year, tickets for this game sold for hundreds of dollars and we’d expect the same this time around. Just to say ‘I was there’ in what could be Favre’s last game in Green Bay will be worth it.

The Packers then travel to take on the New York Jets. Again, a tough place for opposing fans and a huge test for the green and gold. From there, it’s on to November and a visit from the Dallas Cowboys. Again, expect an influx of fans from Cowboys country wanting to have the Lambeau experience and willing to pay impressive prices to do it. The Packers visit will be one of the biggies on the 2010 Cowboys schedule.

After a bye week, the Packers visit Minnesota. Could it be the last hookup between Favre and the Pack? It’s always fun for Packer fans to visit the Metrodome since it’s relatively close, but tickets will again be on the high side.

From there, it’s off to Atlanta to face the Falcons in late November. Since it’s Thanksgiving week, you might get lucky on a cheap ticket but airfare could be a different story. No need to worry about weather with the game in the comfy confines of the Georgia Dome.

After that it’s Packer weather. The 49ers come to Lambeau as the Packers hope to begin the playoff drive. Sometimes tickets get a little cheaper in December and the Niners won’t be a huge draw. From there, it’s off to another indoor venue, Ford Field in Detroit. That one might be worth circling for a Packer road trip.

The game of the year could be December 19 when the Pack takes on the New England Patriots on the road. It’ll be in prime time, but it also could be a classic if you’re looking for a Christmas trip to the Boston area.

The New York Giants will fly into Green Bay on Christmas Day and play the Packers on Sunday, December 26 at 3:15. Not much doubt the cheap Packers ticket bargain hunter could have things in his favor for this one. A lot of people will be in holiday mode, spending time with friends and family or out of the area. It’s a doubleheader game, too, which means the TV will beckon many.

The Packers finish the season with a noon game at Lambeau against the Bears on January 2. Ticket demand could depend if anything is on the line but Bears fans will travel and the rivalry always means a solid demand. Again, if it’s excessively cold, it might be a good time to buy assuming you can stand it!