KOZHIKODE-The City Of Dreams

When you don’t know what is going on with your life, when life is not going as you have planned, when you have a lot of things to do but don’t know how to, then my friend you badly need a vacation and a break from your daily life. Vacations, good time with your friends, comfy time with your partner only make you more positive and productive person.

Kozhikode is the place which is packed with all the goodness and positivity you often look for your vacation trips. This place is loaded with beaches, waterfalls and other famous landmarks which you all see on your trip to Kozhikode. Kozhikode is also known as Calicut and it is the third largest city in Kerala. It was also famous as the city of spices in its earlier days. This place has many exciting landmarks to visit and without further wasting our time let’s just jump onto the most exciting part of this page.


This place is a world for trekker lover if you also want to trek through beautiful mountain and want to watch the pristine beauty of nature then this is it. Thusharagiri have the number of trekking spot, rock climbing and wildlife sanctuaries too, so you have plenty of options for what to do at one spot. Thusharagiri Waterfalls is the major attraction of this place. This majestic waterfall is surely enough to mesmerize you.


After waterfall now time for some more water. Okay!! So Beypore beach is situated in Beypore which is the ancient port town and it is the oldest port of Kerala. Beypore is also a noted for building wooden ships known as urus. Beypore beach is another noted location which you can and you should visit without any further delay.

Stretched to kilometre covered by shining sand and surrounded by coconut trees which is no less than any cover models has very inviting appeal to tourist. This place is a tourist hub and also plays a great role as a tourist magnet. Here, you can enjoy yourself by involving in various activities like swimming or skiing but if you are a lazy person like me than just stay on your beach chair and watch the sunset, take a sip of your coconut water and just relax or maybe you can just take a walk on Pulimuttu.


Kappad beach is another noted tourist location in Kozhikode. This place has some historic value in the history of Kerala. Kappad beach is surrounded by the palm tree and covered with golden sand which makes it attractive and appealing. Here you can enjoy several water activities. This place also good in attracting migrating bird so you might get a chance to peek a boo those migratory birds. All these goodness at one place this beach is surely a must visit on your Kozhikode tour.


The thikkoti lighthouse is another attraction of Kozhikode. This lighthouse provides you with the grand view of the sea. From the height of this lighthouse, you will get a good look at the sea which is definitely worth watching. Sunset view from this place will be hard to forget and this place is also hard to resist on your trip to Kozhikode.

Kozhikode is a beautiful combination of sea and sand, sunset and sunrise which make this place a good tourist hub. Here you can find something new, here you can definitely see some Portuguese influence and a good architecture. Kozhikode is surely that place which you should visit with your friends and family to have some fun time. Here you can cherish each and every moment of your vacation. For more information about Kozhikode please visit here.