Innovative Management Practices Solve Complex Challenges Facing Mines

Innovative Management Practices Solve Complex Challenges Facing Mines

Management practices are not static these days and they evolve depending on the people involved. With the kind of money which is paraded around these days, a company is well within its rights to expect innovative management practices from its managers which help it grow.

The Innovative management practices of FIFO and DIDO are important elements of functionality for the Australian mining industries. We know that both the FIFO and the DIDO provide certain working mechanisms that go well with both the employer and their employees. Moreover, they play a vital role in maintaining the sector’s workforce. As things stand, without these programs, the mining industry in Australia would suffer a huge setback which in turn is going to affect the Australian economy which has been immune so far, as far as the global debt crisis in the USA or Europe is concerned. In hindsight, these crises occurred primarily because of the absence of such programs in industries in Europe and the US.

It is of paramount importance that the concerned management drafts coherent strategies for the betterment of DIDO/FIFO in the near future. Their role is to help in reducing the significant aptitude shortage in the human resource sector in Australia.

Road Safety beyond the workplace

As a part of an innovative management team, one needs to create policies that go beyond the gates of the mining facility. This is where the question of road safety plays a crucial role. To start with, you are entitled to be puzzled as it is quite difficult to establish a link between mining and road safety. However, once you understand how important a network of roads are to the mining industry in Australia, you will not question my call. Some specific types of roads which are important to mining operations include:

• Site entrance roads

• Roads for railway access

• Public roads that are used for mining operation purpose

• Services roads

As managers, we are expected to engage in innovative management practices. If road safety issues are not taken into account, then serious accidents may happen beyond the gates which will affect the people working or associated with the mines in some way or the other. The most common reasons for road accidents are – poor road configuration, dangerous roadsides, less training, tiredness, high speed driving and plenty more. As a part of an innovative management team, you need to know what kind of environment you should be providing your employees to get the best results out of them which will aid in the growth of the company.

DIDO Workforce

DIDO workforce is only related to employees driving to the mine site from their residence. These employees work in roster method. FIFO and DIDO have both received negative and positive opinion from the Australian mining industry and its stake holders. Nonetheless, DIDO has some important characteristics such as the proximity of a miner’s residence to the mine site. Miners can drive to work and head back home once their shift is over. Furthermore, the management should ensure that those who live far from the mining can still be able to take part in mining activities. It does not make sense to select your workers from a range of a 20 mile radius from the mines. You stand to lose out on some quality workers.

Safe System Developments

The industry management should develop innovative management practices of a safe system for complete road safety. Mining organizations in Australia need to form a cohesive plan which is comprehensive enough to ensure the safety of their employees on the road. Here are a few ideas that could work:

• Organizations could easily hire a few buses for their employees, which will bring them to work and later leave them back home when they are done for the shift.

• Ensure that drivers receive full training for driving under specific conditions.

• Management should review speed limit and introduce necessary enforcement.

• Schedule regular check-ups for the roads and roadside and clear any such thing that might be considered hazardous

These are some of the most basic innovative management practices that you may try and implement in order to get the best out of your employees as far as mining in Australia is concerned.