Best Examples of Indian Architecture

Best Examples of Indian Architecture

The elements of Indian architecture have their roots in the religion, culture and history of the Indians. Indian architecture has evolved over time as influences of different cultures touched the design of buildings and other structures in the country.

Here are the predominant types and examples of Indian architecture:

Buddhist Architecture – Most of the Buddhist-influenced structures are monuments such as stambhas, stupas, rails, chaityas and viharas.

  • The Lat, Allahabad – This was built in 250 B.C. and is one of the most significant stambhas in India mirroring Buddhist architecture. The lat is decorated in carved inscriptions and emblems depicting the Buddhist religion.
  • The Bhilsa Topes – This is another structure that is influenced by Indian Buddhist architecture. The Bhilsa Topes or stupa was built in 150 B.C. along the northern part of Nerbudda River.
  • The Rail of the Sanchi Tope – This elaborately carved stupa was inspired by Buddha. The symbolic sculptures surrounding the place depict the life of Buddha.

Jaina Architecture – Jaina Indian Architecture is often in the form of temples and monuments that are mostly found in the north of India.

  • Dilwarra Temple – This temple was built in 1032 A.D. by Vamala Shah. The temple is made of granite and marble. It is a stunning temple standing 5000 feet above sea level.
  • Ranpur Temple – Another Jaina-influenced structure is the Ranpur Temple, which is considered one of the most complete monuments made by the Jainas. The monument is about 200 square feet and is surrounded by crowns of pyramid roofs.

Hindu or Brahman Architecture – This type of architecture is divided into three main groups: Northern Hindu, Chalukyan architecture and Dravidian architecture.

  • The Black Pagoda – This is an example of Northern Hindu architecture. It was built in the 9th century and is considered one of the finest temples of the Hindus.
  • Papanatha Temple – Built in 700 A.D., the Papanatha Temple is located on the west coast of Dharwar, India. The temple has pillared porches, one of the elements of northern Hindu architecture.
  • Somnathpur Temple – This is an example of Chalukyan architecture in India. This temple was built in 1043 A.D. and is a well-known structure in Mysore province.
  • Tanjore Temple – This temple was built in the 14th century and is an example of Dravidian architecture.

Architecture in India is very popular around the world. it has a distinctive form that anyone can easily recognize by just seeing the structures.