A Guide to the Cities and Towns of Cyprus

A Guide to the Cities and Towns of Cyprus

Don’t believe everything you hear about Cyprus. The party town of Ayia Napa is only a small part of what this Mediterranean island has to offer. Certainly if you are a party animal and under the age of thirty then Ayia Napa could be perfect for you but for the rest of us, who’ve been there and done that, what else is on offer? In this article I will take you through a brief description of the other towns and areas of Southern Cyprus and you will see that for couples or families there are plenty of options available.


Paphos, a UNESCO world heritage site is located on the east coast of Cyprus and you can rest assured that it would be an adventurous clubber from Ayia Napa that made it all the way across to this seaside destination! Now a bustling resort Paphos is split into two districts, the old residential town of Pano Paphos and the newer resort area down by the beach called Kato Paphos. It is here that you will find the swanky hotels as well as the charming harbor and medieval fort. It is here on the coastline that you will also find one of Cyprus’s favorite beaches, Coral Bay, where varied water sports are the order of the day.


Limassol is stepped in history and is the main trade port of Cyprus. Not so much a chosen holiday destination in itself it certainly is a vibrant travel hub and your vacation will certainly be enriched by a little time here. Renown for celebrating many festivals this is a destination worth checking out if you catch it at the right time. Essentially this is the main bustling city in the South of Cyprus and an interesting place to visit if you want to get in amongst the locals. And for the true traveler you can board a ship here to other destinations like the other Greek Islands, Egypt or Turkey.


Larnaca is the oldest town in Cyprus and quite possibly your first port of call as the international airport there is the most popular with holiday makers. Although founded 6000 years ago Larnaca is very much a modern city these days, so certainly not a sleepy tourist destination. This is a good place to come for the miles of sandy beaches and many seafood restaurants on offer. As Larnaca is located in the middle of Southern Cyprus it is a great destination for exploring the rest of the Southern coast.


Of course no guide to the cities and towns of Cyprus would be complete without mention of the capital Nicosia. This fascinating city is, of course, split down the middle thanks to the division of Cyprus between the Greeks and the Turkish. This is the home of the Archbishop’s and Presidential Palace as well as many other historical sites of interest, including the Byzantine Museum and the Phaneromeni Church. EU citizens can now cross the borders within the city from the Greek side to the Turkish side (and vice versa) via the Ledra Street Crossing.

So like Ibiza there is more to this island than just clubbing. Families, couples and travelers alike will all find something of interest here and that’s before we have even begun to talk about the food, culture and smaller tourist spots of interest. With plenty of low cost airlines flying into Cyprus this is a very affordable and enjoyable holiday destination.