A Biltmore Wedding: Remember To Consider A Local Wedding or Event Planner To Maximize Your Budget

A Biltmore Wedding: Remember To Consider A Local Wedding or Event Planner To Maximize Your Budget

This time of year many new brides are considering where to have their dream wedding. One of the most popular wedding sites in the Southeast is the Biltmore Estate in Asheville North Carolina. While the estate itself is a wonderful venue, there are a great many choices of locations for the wedding and activities for your guests.

One thing that many brides don’t consider until the last minute is guest activities. Your guests most likely will be traveling to attend your wedding. Planning some excursions and activities will make the trip even more memorable. Here are some options:

Outdoor Activities. The Biltmore Estate and Asheville area have a great selection of outdoor activities for your guests including bike rides and tours along estate trails, horseback riding, river float trips and carriage rides. For those who want an off-road driving adventure there is also the Land Rover Experience Driving School where, regardless of your skill level, you can drive the latest Land Rover vehicles on an off-road course.

Wine Tasting. Biltmore Estate has its own award-winning winery and wine tasting is a popular thing to do while at the Estate. Your guests will enjoy the guided tour of the Winery at Antler Hill Village. Originally a barn, this is one of the most popular ‘to do’ items on guests attending a wedding at Biltmore House.

Guided Tours. There are a number of guided tours available to those coming to Biltmore Estate such as:

Audio Guided Tour of Biltmore House. This tour allows guests to tour the house at their own pace with a digital audio guide that discusses many aspects of the main house.

Rooftop Tour. The rooftop tour takes guests to unrestored areas of the house as well as showcases unbelievable and vast views from the top of Biltmore House.

Behind-The-Scenes Tour. Your guests will learn the many facets of ‘running’ the largest single home in America including it’s technologies, the Butler’s Pantry and the roof that overlooks Winter Garden.

While the choices are many, any bride considering having a Biltmore wedding should consider using one of the local, Asheville-based, Biltmore and Asheville wedding planners. These professionals are expert at helping you maximize your budget while providing you a wonderful wedding complete with giving your guests an experience they will remember for a lifetime.

They have a proven list of various vendors including caterers, florists, musicians, photographers and other suppliers that are key to making your wedding the best that it can be.