5 Ways to Make Electricity

One of the biggest inventions of all times made by man is electrical energy. This has enabled modernization to evolve so fast. The largest quantity of electricity ever created by man comes from fossil fuels, nuclear fission, water and even wind. This article will take briefly about the various ways to produce electricity.

It is churned out by massive rotary engines. These rotary engines need guidance in order to be in constant motion. Below are some of the methods used to rotate these rotary engines which in turn produce electricity.

By combustion of fossil fuels: electric is generated as the turbines of these rotary engines are propelled using huge quantity of vapor. The vapor is produced by heating up a large quantity of water in a large heater. The water is made hot by blazing fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal and natural gas. This technique discharges a large carbon into the atmosphere, thereby contaminating our environment. It is essential to seek other greener forms of electricity for a long process advantage.

By water: you may have seen the way dams are built to generate electricity either on tv or newspaper. It is a famous way to generate electricity. Dams do 2 purposes – cutting back at water bodies and creating electricity. Water dams utilize the river water to power the turbines, aiding them to create electricity. This method of electricity generation aids in managing air pollution. Nevertheless, this kind of electricity generation has a harmful effect to water organisms living inside the water.

By wind: current is created as window energy is transformed to electricity energy. Wind mills are employed to build up huge quantity of wind energy which is transformed to electrical energy. The current developments in wind energy have it that it can be used to generate handy cell phone chargers.

By nuclear fission: it’s not used for atomic bombs only, but it can be utilized to generate electricity. Nuclear fission brings about a series of reaction. During this process uranium is bombarded with neutron making it to divide. Anytime uranium nucleus is divided, excess neutrons are discharged resulting to more division in previously divided uranium nuclei. The product of this chain reaction creates lots of heat that is utilized to warm up water vapor which in turn rotates turbines to generate electricity.

Bio-waste: modernization of electricity has made electricity easy to be generated from bio-waste. It is a common way of creating electricity in local regions.

Do you know that you can make your own electricity from home using either solar energy or wind energy? Want to find out how? See below.